Simonetta Menchelli

Simonetta Menchelli got a B.A. degree (with a thesis in Ancient Topography under the supervision of Prof. Marinella Pasquinucci) from the University of Pisa (1983);
she then did a PhD  (Rome) in Archaeology, about topograghical aspects of the Pisan-Volaterran territory (1987).

She is Associate Professor of Ancient Topography, of the Laboratory of Ancient Topography and Underwater Archaeology at the University of Pisa and in 2018 she obtained the qualification  of Full Professor.

She has conducted research in Italy (Tuscany, Liguria, the Marches) and Europe (Corsica, Albania and Hungary).

Her research interests include:

-Archaeological excavations and survey methodology, with the application of non-destructive diagnostic techniques and remote sensing.

-Landscape and townscape archaeology.

-The study of ancient buildings : their typologies and construction techniques; documentation methods;

-Underwater archaeology and marine ecosystem.

-The archaeology of production, trade and transport systems.

-Ancient pottery, with a specific interest in the archaeometric aspects, mainly in collaboration with Claudio Capelli (University of Genoa).

She has presented papers on these topics at national and international Conferences, in Italy and abroad. She is member of the Editorial Board of Italian and International Journals and Series and Treasurer of the Association Rei Cretariae Romanae Fautores, Bonn-Oxford.

She has published about 190 works including  four books which she edited:

M. Pasquinucci), S. Menchelli editors, Pisa: le terme "di Nerone", Pontedera 1989,  pp. 1-121.
(M. Pasquinucci), S. Menchelli editors, La cartografia archeologica. Problemi e prospettive, Pisa 1989,  pp. 1-305.
S.Menchelli, (M.Pasquinucci) editors, Territorio e produzioni ceramiche : paesaggi, economia e società in età romana, Pisa 2006,  pp. 1-421.
S.Menchelli, (S.Santoro, M.Pasquinucci, G. Guiducci) editors,  LRCW3, Late Roman Coarse Wares, Cooking Wares and Amphorae in the Mediterranean, Archeopress BAR Int. Ser. 2185 (I-II), Oxford 2010, pp. 1-1039.
She published her research about the Piceni Landscape in the monograph :
S.Menchelli, Paesaggi piceni e romani nelle Marche meridionali. L'ager Firmanus dall'età tardo-repubblicana alla conquista longobarda, Pisa 2012, pp. 1-198.

Archaeological Projects in progress:

Vada Volaterrana Project
Luna (Luni)
The centuriatio of the ager Pisanus
Pisa South Picenum Survey Projects II
Some of Simonetta Menchelli’s papers, grouped under specific topics, can be downloaded from HERE